NJRC NJT5667 C-Band 2 Watt BUC

  • NJRC NJT5667 2 Watt C Band BUC
  • Type N Female Input Connector
  • RF Output Frequency:  5.850 to 6.425 GHz
  • IF Frequency: 950-1525 MHz
  • Output Power @ P1dB: 2W (+33 dBm)
  • Power Requirement: +24 VDC (+15 to +30 VDC)
  • Power Consumption: 37.5 W max.
  • LED Indicator
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Small Size & Lightweight
  • N or F Connector
  • Other frequency options available
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NJT5667 C-Band 2W BUC

The NJRC NJT5667 series BUC provides 33 dBm of highly efficient RF output power over 5.85 to 6.425 (standard C-Band) frequency ranges.This 2W C-Band BUC offers easy installation and operation, as well as exceptional reliability and RF performance.

  • High Efficiency Output Power:P1dB: +33 dBm min. over temperature
  • Low Power Consumption:Power Consumption: 48 W
  • Small Size & Light Weight:Weight: 1.9 kg
  • LED Indicator
  • RoHS Compliance

Remote VSAT sites, SCADA, M2M, Maritime communications, VSAT Networks

NJT5667 (Type-N Interface) Dimension Outline 


NJRC NJT5667 C-Band 2 Watt BUC Spec Sheet


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